Top Secrets For People Who Hate Cooking

Do you like cooking? I have never been a fan of cooking but I hate semi-finished products. As I have to cook every day I’ ve decided strongly to optimize this process and to do my best to make it more pleasant and interesting. Now I’m ready to share with you some of my tricks:

  • Turn on music. Use your favorite singles and it’s better to choose something funny, rhythmic  and life-affirming. It sets the tempo, I do not even notice how time passes with my favorite music.
  • Use beautiful dishes, dishcloths, kitchen towel,  pleasing yourself with things you really like during the cooking process. It chirks you up for sure.
  • Carefully plan the process. Leave the things you need in the process all the rest remove from sight, make sure your knifes are sharp, all the products are bought. It helps you to avoid mood drops.

All these steps work good for me, but the main my target is still my time saving. So what can I do to spend less time on cooking? Here are some advice:

  • Cut it in advance and freeze. Pre-cut vegetables, pre-molded and frozen patties, dumplings, vareniki will shorten the cooking time without compromising the quality and taste of the dishes.
  • Use slow cooker.  This multifunctional kitchen gadget really knows how to save time and energy of its owner. It can prepare a lot of dishes with different ways practically without the participation of a person: it is enough just to throw the products into the bowl and choose the desired mode.
  • Use freeze vegetables. We all appreciated the offers of stores selling frozen vegetables. But why not to freeze them yourself? It turns out cheaper and more reliable, as you personally wash vegetables, cut them with a clean knife and put them into the freezer yourself. In any case, freshly frozen foods are much more useful than canned. The main thing is not to re-freeze them. But canning should not be discounted.
  • Use simple and quick recipes. Nowadays, using gadgets with online internet, it’s easy to find a variety of recipes for every taste and any complexity. For special recipes I had my personal cookbook.

I should say that these easy steps help me avoid stress during the cooking process.
Do you have your own tricks? It’s really interesting to discuss. Share it with me.

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