Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Options

Peyronie’s Disease is a problematic issue where the penis curvature is upward or downward, leading to a painful sensation during an erection. Oftentimes this issue does not go away without treatment. In fact, the chances are that this is going to resolve itself naturally is only around 10 percent. That is why treatment for Peyronie’s Disease has often sought after. This leads to many people wondering ‘can Peyronie’s Disease be cured?’

The Different Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Options

There are a number of different Peyronie’s Disease treatment options; these are a few of the most commonly seen options.

  • Oral drugsThis is often a treatment option for Peyronie’s Disease for those who have Peyronie’s Disease in the acute phase. One of the issues is that there is no lasting evidence that this type of treatment for Peyronie’s Disease has lasting effects. Options here include Carnitine, Colchicine, and Tamoxifen.
  • Penile Injections Men who refuse to have surgery to treat Peyronie’s Disease can opt for penile injections. These include collagenase injections and interferon injections. Even though those Peyronie’s Disease treatment options can be moderately successful, the fear of injecting something into one’s penis is enough to make most men shy away from this treatment option.
  • Surgery Those who have disabling and severe Peyronie’s Disease often opt for surgery. As you can imagine, this is a rather serious step that most doctors (and patients) want to avoid for as long as possible.
  • Sound waves – This one of the new Peyronie’s Disease treatment options that are getting a lot of press. Primarily because it allows users to deal with the issues related to Peyronie’s Disease and deal with the often associated erectile dysfunction as well. One of the leading options here is GAINSWave.

Treating Peyronie’s Disease With GAINSWave

A revolutionary ED Treatment in DFW!

With GAINSWave™, you are actively targeting the underlying issue that causes Peyronie’s – the actual scar tissue. One of the reasons that ED treatments such as Viagra are not recommended with Peyronie’s Disease is because it does not actually treat the actual cause of Peyronie’s Disease. In fact, taking ED drugs when you have Peyronie’s Disease could lead to discomfort and pain. This is something that is not the case with GAINSWave

By breaking down the scar tissue and restoring the blood flow, users who try GAINSWave™ have an effective and safe method of dealing with Peyronie’s Disease. It targets both issues of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s.

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