How Often Should I Visit A Dermatologist?

Most adults that you ask probably tell you that they need to visit their dentist and general practitioner each year, but how many people actually know that they should keep a yearly visit to their dermatologist in their routine health check? Most people assume that you only visit a dermatologist when you have a problem with the skin, but the truth is that an appointment with a dermatologist can be beneficial for everyone, regardless of whether you have problems or concerns with your skin.

How Can A Dermatologist Help You?

A dermatologist can help you in a number of different ways, and are able to prevent a number of diseases or conditions that you might not be able to notice on your own. A few of the issues that a dermatologist can help you with include skin care education, wart removal, scar removal, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and skin cancer screenings.

How Often Should I See My Dermatologist?

Even if you have no concerns about the health of your oral cavity, nails, hair, or skin, you should see a dermatologist regularly to ensure that you are optimally health. Remember that around 20 percent of North Americans are going to develop skin cancer at some point in their life – which makes it essential that you see your dermatologist to be proactive in monitoring the situation. This is going to give your dermatologist a chance to establish dermatologic disorders such as cancer. Early detection is going to go a long way towards ensuring that you have the best possible chances of surviving instances of skin cancer.

When to Contact Your Dermatologist

If you have concerns about possible skin issues, want to know about check-up schedules or want a skin examination performed, your dermatologist is the right person to talk to. If you notice any concerning or new conditions on your skin, it is important that you call your dermatologist right away – regardless of any other future appointments that you have planned.

Even if you have no current issues, a dermatologist visit can help make sure that you are optimally healthy. This is not just about finding current issues, but also about prevention. One of the most important benefits that a dermatologist can offer you is advice. By talking to a qualified dermatologist, you are going to receive skincare advice that you can use in the future.

P.S. Information for this article was based on my own experience and also provided by a dermatologist, Miami.

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