What to Do with Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is an annoying problem, that is why everyone who faced it wants to deal with it as soon as he can. Low water pressure can happen in different plumbing areas. I analyzed for you 4 factors that cause water pressure issues. So, if you have at least one of these issues – you need quickly repair it unless the problem needs expensive fixing.

Issue #1 – Elevation

Water is a non-compressible liquid and in a confined space, it transfers pressure horizontally. So, water always must move vertically, even if the pipe itself is not perfectly vertical. This is why you need water storage tank located higher than the designed home. In such conditions, the gravity is going to let the water flow easily.

Issue #2 – Problems With Valves

Sometimes appears that the valves inside of your home are completely or partially turned off, while they always must be in “on” position.  (The home valve usually is located near the hose bib and the customer valve can be near the meter box).

Issue #3 – Leak

If you have a leak you will have lower water pressure and it not depends on the small or large the leak is. To determine that you have a leak or not you should not read the bill, but rather focus on the meter. Turn off the valves inside of your home and outside, read the meter now – and read it several hours later, two hours is enough. If you notice that your water usage continues, you have a leak somewhere and you need to call a plumber as soon as it possible.

Issue #4 – Mineral Deposits

If your plumbing system includes iron pipes, you simply cannot avoid the buildup of mineral deposits over time. If you believe that you have problems with mineral deposits, you need a professional help. In that case, trenchless sewer line repair is a good option for you.

In some cases, you may fix low water pressure by yourself, but in case of leaks, pipe erosion or blockages it’s better to let a professional do it for you.

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