Do-It-Yourself – Tips for the New Bathroom Install

3 Tips from Eva for DIY Bathroom Install

Bathroom renovation is a difficult challenge, especially the part connected to the bathroom install. Let’s talk about it today.

Faced renovation some time ago, now I’m ready to provide you some tips if you’ve decided to do it by yourself.


 Tip  #1.

Don’t attempt this task if you have not full understanding of all plumbing system and its details! Because your mistake can cost much more than installation price by professional.

 Tip #2

Major Installs

Here I will explore the typical configuration of the three leading fixtures in your bathroom. There are many different variants of the most fundamental arrangement. And if you want to get your project done well without any problems, you must know what you may be faced with.

So, starting your DIY bathroom install you become responsible for project’s quality. All the fixtures and pipes have to be the correct size and type. It is a good idea to give the drain vents a bit of extra attention.

Even if you have a huge budget, it will be good idea to consult with a professional plumber before starting the project. He can give you a free advice you can use in the future job.


What to Consider

Start your bathroom install from home inspection, because if your home is more than 20 years older, you may discover you having cast-iron pipes for the purposes of sewage disposal. These can rot out over time and require replacement. Today for plumbing is used PVC pipe because this material is more reliable. In many cases state and local codes demand that the edition has plumbing that is a new installation and not tapped into the plumbing that already exists in the home. The same code applies to the wiring.

In order to meet code when you are installing the wiring in a new addition it must be installed and connected to the electrical box. In older homes may be required an upgrade in service. And if you live in the country don’t forget to consider installing a septic tank to prevent the system overload.

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