How to Choose a Family Counselor

Marriage counseling can help you to build healthy relations, to make your family life more intimate and even to save your marriage. So it’s vitally important to find the right therapist. There are lots of factors you should weigh up to choose the best specialist. I prepare for you some advice how to find a psychologist who will be right for you and your spouse.

Ask for recommendations. 

Looking for a marriage counselor you can start with asking for referrals. Recommendations from the people you trust or just comments and referrals on special websites  can help you to find out the people’s opinion about different clinics, therapists and techniques.

Choose a therapist who is a member of professional organizations devoted to couples.

 Couples counseling differs greatly from individual work. So seek someone who is trained in couples therapy, and who does it exclusively, or primarily. Pay attention to the therapist’s licence. Only a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) have specialized education, training and experience to help couples. It is necessary for the specialist you will choose to be a member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT or just MFT). It all can guarantee that the therapist you’ve found has at least the right education to help you, that he or she is  an expert in the field and competent.

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Ask the right questions. 

Before the meeting your therapist should be available for a phone interview. In a  10 – 15 minute phone conversation ask the counselor about his/her background and training, years in counseling, attitude to divorce and whatever you want to know about his/her methods, techniques and practice.

Pay attention to the therapist’s personality.

 As marriage counselor play a vital part in your family relations so makes both you and your spouse feel comfortable. At the same time the therapist should be emotionally healthy, should feel comfortable with himself/herself and not be anxious, arrogant or depressed. He or she should be relaxed and confident.  A specialist should accept your individuality, opinions and background. Seek for patient and respectful therapist who will listen to you without interrupting, allow you to express yourself and explain your problems. It’s good for a therapist to be open-minded and have a flexible approach. for example, sometimes it is useful to ask for someone else’s opinion or consultation, bring your friend or children to therapy.

These are few things you should keep in mind while looking for a marriage counselor. But remember that  no matter how good your therapist would be it up to you and your spouse to save your marriage. So do your best not only looking for the right therapist but following his or her advice.

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